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Adélaurïe is a small cattery situated near Albi, 70 km far from Toulouse in the South West of France. I’ve bred korat since 2007 when I got my first queen Chalerwan d’Adélaurïe.

In the past I used to show my korat, but not anymore. I work full time for them to provide them a wonderful life at home. My goal is to breed healthy korat kittens, perfectly socialized with adult cats and kids, handled, cuddled and kissed all the time. All of my korat live together in the house. They are full family members !

I’m proud to have built strong relationship with thaï breeders who helped me with my first imports : Zéphyr d’Adélaurïe (stud) and Toscane d’Adélaurïe (queen). They have wonderful tempers contrary to what most people may think about asian way of breeding.

A new thai korat queen named FahSua should join the team in 2019 !

  • Zéphyr d'Adélaurïe – mâle thaï import
  • Toscane d'Adélaurïe – femelle thaï import

As you can see they have very different type from european rounded head type.

korat paw

adopting a korat kitten

I don’t sell korat kittens for breeding except for TIMBA breeders devoted to pure thai korat lines.

sales conditions

All of my korat kittens are :

  • neutered at 3 months old,
  • dewormed,
  • vaccinated against typhus and coryza (rabies and leucosis vaccines not included in the price),
  • microchipped,
  • LOOF or TIMBA registered.

You’re in love with the korat breed and would like more information about sales conditions ?

Feel free to contact me. I’ll be glad to help you !

des chatons korat vont naitre
l'herbe à chat est bonne pour votre korat
stérilisation précoce du chaton - chatterie de korat